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Media Personality. Philanthropist, & Serial Entrepreneur

Linda Ngo is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Actress, Author, Model, Motivational Speaker, CEO and Founder of Ngo Limit Inc. Simply put Ms. Ngo is a serial entrepreneur who has Ngo Limits!

A snapshot of her career resume includes opportunities in International Affairs, Small Business Ownership, Retail Management, Real Estate & Mortgage, Fashion & Entertainment, Talent Development, Activational Speaking, Non-Profits, Published Author, both Personal and Professional Consulting and much more.

Linda is a person destined to persevere in life and has gained a vast amount of knowledge through good
times, bad times and sweat equity, yielding a unique outlook to her everyday approach to both personal and professional elements of her life. This has enabled her to grasp the attention of dignitaries, fortune 500 companies and an amazing range of audiences around the world.


She’s not a stranger to diversity nor adversity, she’s a woman who can personally relate to sexual abuse,
domestic violence, “parent-less” upbringing, single motherhood of 3 boys, bullying, racism and much more. With the life journey Linda has been on, she believes God has protected her and allowed her to turn Negativity into something not only Positive, but Powerful. She strives to be the most Giving, Loving and Compassionate person God designed her to be, despite what negative energy surrounds her. She has been blessed with a special way to deliver such personable, relatable, and simple perceptions, that she prays will Encourage, Motivates and Inspires whomever God allows her to.


Linda has spoken as a Keynote Speaker on multiple occasions for Asian Heritage Month, Mindset, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She’s also delivered fun and personable presentations on
Microsoft platforms, Walmart Team Building Programs, Community Empowerment events, Women Empowerment Programs, DEIB Events and much more.


Her current hyper focus currently focuses on producing her own Television Talk Show, Podcast series and
traveling around the country creating Positive Change through Motivational Talks and Activational Engagements, conducting corporate team leadership training and doing her best to add value to those she’s around.

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