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Meet Nurisha
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Certified Life Coach and Dream Strategist

Nurisha Liggins is the CEO & Founder of GLOW Consulting Group, specializing in training organizations in Leadership Development and Diversity and Inclusion, and coaching individuals in many areas of persona, professional and spiritual development. She is a certified Christ-centered Life & Purpose Coach and authors books on leadership and legacy, including her latest books, “From Tools to Traits” and “True Purpose.” 


Her Life Coaching practice specializes in serving individuals desiring to discover their purpose, are in the middle of transition, and searching for their true identity. As a keynote speaker and podcast guest, she speaks passionately empowering others to realize their value while igniting their desire to cultivate their gifts and talents. 


Her greatest joy is teaching audiences to understand and walk boldly into their purpose by embracing their God-given identity and courageously leading by submitting to and partnering with God’s plan. 

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